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          Q: Is www.TheWIBIDS.com is Legit?

A: Yes, www.TheWIBIDS.com is legit. We are specializing brokerage in sales of real estates and automobiles. The seller still has ownership of the real estate’s or automobiles while is being sold or auction. But once we reached the amount being asked and did our process of elimination and inspections. The winner will be the new owner of the real estate or automobile.

Q:What is WIBIDS?

A:WIBIDS Means a group of www.TheWIBIDS.com members bidding the same amount in order to finance a house or car. Once it reached the amount,www.TheWIBIDS.com will do a process of elimination and pick 1st,2nd and 3rd place.Finally, www.TheWIBIDS.com team will contact the top 3 members for verification.

Q: What is Members Needed?

A: Means the numbers needed to wibids in an auction.       Example:If the quantity,items available is 2000.Means we need 2000 TheWIBIDS.com members to participate.

Q:What are www.TheWIBIDS.com Programs?

A: There are 2 programs we are offering.


Q:What is the “SAVINGS PROGRAM?”

A:To ALL NON-WINNING members. There is a program www.theWIBIDS.com called “SAVINGS PROGRAM”. Whereas ALL non-winning members will be entitle to use up to 3 coupons or discounts of their choices. There are lists of coupons or discounts, such as for grocery, food buying, clothing, entertainments, restaurants, etc. Ex. $10.00 OFF for Grocery shopping , apparels, etc. If you use 3 coupons/discounts of $10.00 dollars each you as a non-winning members actually got your  initial investment of $5.00 and SAVED $25.00!!!


A:***Another program is being implemented and further details and updates will be notified on www.theWIBIDS.com site. This program is called. “BONUS REWARD STOCK PROGRAM”. Meanwhile, keep records of all your wibids participations and all usage of all coupons and discounts.


Q:What happen once I am the winner?

A: After all the paperwork had been transferred to your name and got the keys to your new real estate or automobile.WOW!!! this is the way we designed www.TheWIBIDS.com , it is about making MONEY $$$ to the winner.HOW?Once you have total ownership of the property or vehicle.                                                                                                  YOU HAVE NO MORE PAYMENTS,WOW!!!!

For the real estate example, the house. Once you owned this house you can do anything you want to make money.

-1. You can flip it by selling it on your own or put it back in the www.TheWIBIDS.com to sell.

-2. Since you got no more house payment, you can take out or barrow equity.

-3. Rent it out to get monthly income rent.

-4. If you wish, you can just live in the house and just pay the utilities and property tax.

Either way this is a MONEY MAKING FOR YOU…………..

For the automobile example. Once you owned this car you can do anything you want to make money.

-1. You can flip it by selling it on your own or put it back in the www.TheWIBIDS.com to sell.

-2. If you wish, you can just own the car and use it for your personal pleasure.

Either way this is a MONEY MAKING FOR YOU…………..

Q:What happens when I am the non-winning members?

A:We have the "SAVINGS PROGRAM",where all the non-winning members will have the link to scan,print out and use all the coupons/discounts that they choose.


Q:How do I make payment and add money?

A: www.TheWIBIDS.com only accept WIBIDS payments through a company called "PAYPAL". You must open an account with "PAYPAL". Here is their link ---> PAYPAL

(PAY-PAL is the most popular online payment method. We are fully PayPal verified so you can always shop with peace of mind)

Once you are logged in your account.Go look to the right page.See MEMBER OPTIONS,click below MY ACCOUNT,in the middle,YOUR CURRENT BALANCE IS?,click ADD MONEY.

Q:What is the BUY FEATURES?

Payment of BUY feature for the total amount. Members must contact www.TheWIBIDS.com for  the agreement and arrangement.

Q: What is a Reservation Number Code?

A: A Reservation Number Code is what each member will be given once they put their wibids amount.It means that you had a reserve in that particular real estate or automobile auction,and you can not be remove or remove yourself to get a refund.It is a final wibids.The only way you can get a refund or to be remove,a)that particular  real estate or automobile auction is cancelled for whatever reasons or b) a member exercise their buying pre-approval to buy the real estate or automobile in full amount .

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